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Carbon Solutions International is excited to announce the establishment of an online cooperative hub that is exclusively designed for everyone interested in biochar in South-East Asia. This platform, known as Carbon:Hub, is a comprehensive online community for farmers, gardeners, scientists, biochar producers, environmentalists, technology suppliers, educators, and students.

Paying Customer

Biochar producers & suppliers

can benefit from Carbon:Hub as they will have access to a large pool of potential customers. Often, biochar producers and suppliers struggle to find customers, and this platform provides a perfect opportunity to connect with other members and discuss industry trends.

Members can use Carbon:Hub to find information on how to use biochar, share success stories for agricultural applications, and encourage discussions among members. This platform is a perfect tool for connecting with potential customers, discussing industry trends, and engaging in advocacy work for the biochar business.


There are many other possibilities available for members of Carbon:Hub , and the platform is constantly evolving. Members are encouraged to pre-register, so they don't miss out on networking opportunities and information exchanges related to biochar and carbon credits in South-East Asia.  


Contact us to join Carbon:Hub  today to connect with the biochar community in South-East Asia!

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