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It's Time to Act!

​Thinking of becoming carbon neutral or generating carbon credits?

We provide solutions for actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere for commercial and private partners. 

You wish to offset and compensate your organisation’s CO2 emissions and at the same time create additional value for small communities in developing countries?

Join our C3 program!

Aerial View of Forest

C to the Power of 3!


Carbon Capture,

Wastewater Treatment

and Community


... or C3 in short is a concept that features a CO2 compensation program that invests in plant-based wastewater treatment with subsequent biomass production.

It uses the mechanisms of CO2 capture in Bamboo plantations, and hence active CO2 removal from the atmosphere.

And local communities will be involved, jobs will be generated!


How it works

We combine wastewater treatment with carbon capture and storage. The wastewater will be treated in a constructed wetland. The effluent will be used for the irrigation of a bamboo plantation, where the carbon capture takes place.

The bamboo will be harvested regularly and removed from the biosphere.

Where does the CO2 go?

Using photosynthesis, plants convert atmospheric CO2 into biomass. Once the plants die off they will be decomposed through microbiological activities and the captured carbon will be released again as CO2  (carbon cycle).

The C3 process disrupts this cycle. Instead, the produced biomass is converted into a form that is stable for long-term  storage.

CO2 removal from the Biosphere –


Unlike tree planting or pure reforestation projects, carbon captured in our bamboo plantations will be removed from the biosphere… forever!

To this end, the chopped bamboo will be used for mine pit refilling.

Alternatively, the harvested biomass can be turned into Biochar and subsequently turned into products such as Terra Preta or Carbon Concrete.

The captured carbon will be sequestrated forever!


Safeguarding established local businesses

Bamboo is a cash crop that ensures local people‘s income and livelihood. We will hence not interfere with their traditional businesses and not compete for their raw material.

Instead, we will create additional income by harvesting low-quality bamboo and production waste that is otherwise of little value.

Furthermore, we will invest into new bamboo plantations dedicated to CO2 capture only and nurtured by local dwellers.

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