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We provide expertise and consultancy support on a wide range of decarbonisation issues. This includes feasibility studies,  engineering services, tender preparations and evaluation, implementation and construction support as well as operational services. We support your business with CO2 footprint calculations and decarbonisation strategies.

The depth and precision of our knowledge, combined with the wide range of services we offer, make us an asset for businesses and organizations looking to reduce their environmental footprint and derive financial benefits from CO2 capture and compensation.

As consultants in carbon sequestration we are continuously working on a diversified portfolio of projects involving various industrial sectors, such as:

  • The usage of biochar in forestry, agriculture and construction

  • The valorization of production waste such as sewage sludge, waste wood, etc.

  • The planning and implementation of pyrolysis plants

  • The generation and access to biochar-based carbon credits

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