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Wastewater Treatment & CO2 Compensation in Soc Trang


A decentralized wastewater treatment plant (DWWTP) in Soc Trang / Tran De on the premises of the Lich Hoi Thuong B  Primary school has been operated for the last 3 years.


The DWWTP was supposed to demonstrate small-scale wastewater treatment at low cost and with high efficiency. Moreover, the plant was supposed to gain experience on the use and production of bamboo biomass for the capture of CO2.



Our operations were outstandingly successful. We have shown that a DWWTP

  • can be used for cleaning wastewater from a wet market and a school at very low operation costs,

  • is reliable and easy to operate,

  • can contribute to CO2 capture if combined with biomass production.


Summary of treatment efficiency:

  • BOD5 = 86 %, COD = 84 %

  • CO2 sequestration: 56 tons/ha/2.5 year

Water2Carbon concept

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