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Wastewater Treatment

Nature-Based, Zero-Energy-Wastewater Treatment and Carbon Sequestration

Our Approach to Wastewater Treatment

We combine rural wastewater treatment with carbon capture and storage. The wastewater will be treated in a constructed wetland. The effluent will be used for the irrigation of a bamboo plantation, where the carbon capture takes place.

The bamboo will be harvested regularly and removed from the biosphere.

C to the Power of 3

The C3 concept features a CO2 compensation program that invests in plant-based wastewater treatment with subsequent biomass production.

It uses the mechanisms of CO2 capture in Bamboo plantations, and hence active CO2 removal from the atmosphere.

At the same time, rural communities will be supported in their development.

  • Their wastewater is treated at favorable costs, a major contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals and an important side effect to CO2 sequestration,

  • valuable products such as Terra Preta will be produced, and

  • jobs and income will be generated


Sanitation for all

As a result of this approach, wastewater treatment in developing countries will experience a considerable upswing.

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